December 23, 2020

This afternoon before sundown while feeding the animals, I told Bonnie our pig about the post from yesterday and how much everybody loves the picture of Daisy, the chick. Well, she has insisted that I post the video of her blowing bubbles and she thinks you will all like this even more than the picture of the chick. 🤷‍♀️

Bonnie is about 8 months old and 400 lbs. She is a big little girl. She loves her feed soaked in milk to make a type of corn mush. She loves to romp around her pig pen and she absolutely loves water and mud. She snorts, she jumps and she snores when she sleeps. She loves to be scratched behind her ears. Bonnie should have been in the freezer by now but instead she jumped into our hearts. We are going to try to get her bred this spring and have a bunch of little piggies. It just seems the thing to do, right? We have a friend named Emma who just completed her training to be an AI specialist (not artificial intelligence but artificial insemination). So, with a little help from Emma we should be able to find a sperm donating Baby Daddy for our sweet sow. Should he have stand up ears or floppy ears? Should he be black, brown or white? Oh my, so many details to consider. For now we will just make sure she has plenty of water for bubble blowing.

One thought on “December 23, 2020

  1. The little chick was so cute, but Bonnie is special too. I wish her the best in starting a family of bubble blowers to entertain the neighbors.
    Thank you for sharing your lives and God’s many blessings with us.


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