Walking the Camino of Our Lives One Step at a Time and Helping Others by Sharing Christ Through Adventure Farming at Our Own Colorado Albergue

Who We Are

We are Texas born Coloradoans living on our 20 acre farm in northern Colorado Springs. After raising 5 children and our lives being changed by walking the Camino de Santiago, we are farmer adventurers.

We strive to raise as much of the fruits and veggies that we need, sharing them with our family and neighbours.

We raise our own chickens, pigs and dairy cattle for eggs, milk and meat for ourselves, our families and neighbours.

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What We Are About

There has never been a better time than now to strive for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. For my husband and I, this has involved sharing our daily lives not only with our family and friends, but also with the animals and crops we are blessed to live with. This farm has always been about relationships. Most importantly, it is about our relationship with our Lord who has allowed us to live and work here. It is about the relationship between my husband and I especially during these uncertain lonely lockdown days of COVID. It has been about maintaining relationships with our children and their spouses and our grandchildren and our friends. And daily, it has been about our relationship with our livestock and the beautiful nature that surrounds us on our little 20 acre shelter, our Colorado albergue. Albergues are places to stay along the Camino de Santiago where pilgrims can find a shelter for their weary bodies and souls. They can share a warm meal with fellow wanderers, take a shower, wash their clothes and rest for the night before heading back onto their path the next day.

Contact Information

Black Forest
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80908