Our Farm Family

We at Albergue Garcia are blessed to share our farm with an amazing group of animals. On these pages I will begin to introduce them to you. There will be stories more about many of them from time to time on our blog page. Here are the first 14 I would like for you to meet.


Pinto Arabian Horse

Gracie came to live with us on 11/16/2002 after she chose me when I was looking at young rescue foals which had just arrived from a Premarin Farm. She was 5 months old and has been our little girl horsie since. She has an upside down heart on her right side and the number 4 on her forehead. She has a heart of gold and loves to be pampered. She has been fighting severe laminitis over the past 2 years.


Border Collie Dog

Toby the wonder dog has been with us since he was a a puppy. He picked us out 12 years ago. He is in charge of leading me all over the farm and making sure I stay on task. He is the best Frisbee catcher ever and understands most everything I say. He gets a little grumpy if we do not follow his directions


Akbash Dog

Jacob moved to our farm from Texas as an 6 week old puppy after we lost our second Akbash, Jacob. We drove to Llano, Texas and picked him out from a beautiful litter of purple ribbon UKC registered red dirt stained balls of fur and joy on the beautiful Stotts Ranch. Everyone who visits our farm falls in love with Judah. He is in charge of protecting our farm and is fiercely independent. It is truly a comfort to my husband and I to have him watching over our livestock as well as us and the families who come to visit us at our ALbergue Garcia. He is the proud Dad of our first litter of Akbash puppies to be born on our farm.


Akbash Dog

Ayla is also a Texan from north of Dallas and came to us from Tamara Taylor’ s Patteran Akbash Dogs. She is a strikingly beautiful young lady, athletic, highly alert and smart as a whip. She is also UKC registered and has had her first litter of puppies. She has been such a good Mom and patiently caring for her 10 vigorous loving puppies.

Ayla & Judah’s 2022 Puppies

Akbash Dogs

There are 10 beautiful UKC registered Akbash puppies who were born to this couple on July 2, 2022. There are 5 boys and 5 girls. They will be ready to move to their future farm families after September 2, 2022. They are growing like weeds and so playful and alert and sweet like their parents. Email us at debragarcia@hotmail.com or text us at 719-321-7070 if you are interested in bringing one of these sweethearts to your homestead.

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