December 22, 2020

Boy, it has been a couple of beautiful days on our farm with the snow melting and watching for the Christmas star at night. And, the end of this week is Christmas! So what a perfect time to talk about Easter eggs! Finally our little pullets that we bought in June 2020 started laying eggs this week! We have not had blue or green eggs on our farm in years. I want to show you some different colored eggs and which breed of chicken laid which. Now I have found they all seem to taste the same for breakfast but it is so much fun having egg cartons with a rainbow of different colored eggs.

I would have had a Mille Fleur chicken egg picture for your but my hubby had it with his scrambled eggs and biscuits this morning. I will try to post a picture of one of their tiny little adorable eggs the next time we get one. Eggs are probably the best bang for your buck on a small farm. They eat scraps, their feed is reasonably priced and you can sell good quality eggs from your farm for about 4 dollars a dozen. Winter time usually results in fewer eggs being laid even when the chickens have lights in their house to psych them into thinking the days are still long. But remember our chickens are partying late anyway with their Christmas lights. 😉You can even raise chickens in your backyard if you live in town. Some places have restrictions for how many hens you can have and some ban roosters to keep from annoying your neighbours. You can also hatch your own fertilized eggs using an incubator. It only takes 21 days and then you get this adorable little one. This is my neighbour’s baby chick, Daisy, who she hatched from one of our Buff Orphington eggs.

So before you get chickens make sure you have a safe coop to protect them from critters who would LOVE a chicken dinner. Here in Black Forest, we have lots of chicken eaters including coyotes, foxes, bobcats, mountain lions, hawks and stray dogs. We have a very famous chicken eater on our farm named Jacob. He is our Akbash who is supposed to protect the livestock and he does for the most part. Except like me being unable to resist a piece of chocolate, he is unable to resist a stray clucking fluttering around chicken. That’s why we have had to have Fort Knox style chicken coups for our chickens on our farm. We built those after the great chicken slaughter several years ago where we came home from work to find 28 dead chickens scattered all over the place and a guilty looking Akbash puppy. Having the chickens in their big coops all the time is not as romantic as having chickens wandering around all over the farm as you see in Western movies on TV. I know, we could find another home for Jacob where there would not be the temptation of eating chickens, but we have made it a point to try to live in harmony with one another on our farm including the animals as much as possible.

Psalm 91:4

He shall cover you with His feathers; and under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and buckler

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